Sneak Peek: Invitations with Hand-Drawn Look

Hand-drawn strawberry being traced in IllustratorI’m giving everyone a sneak peek at what’s coming next at EvaLily Boutique.  For my next set of items I wanted to create a series of nature themed baby shower invitations that had a hand drawn look. The examples pictured are from the Berry Sweet invitation but there will also be a Sweet Pea, a Lil’ Peanut and a few others.

Hand-Drawn StrawberryHand-drawn strawberry being traced in Illustrator

First, I started off by drawing my subjects in my sketch book. Then I scanned them and imported them into Illustrator. Now they are all being traced and colored. Soon I will be turning all of those images into baby shower invitations. Here is a peek at how the Berry Sweet invitation is coming along.

Hand-drawn Strawberry Card Preview

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