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About Me

Jen Stanney

I have been a professional graphic designer for almost 20 years. Pattern was something that drew me in. Creating cute backgrounds for the websites I designed made me happy. I was also ecstatic when a packaging design project came up. Hoarding cute notebooks and pencils with fun designs was a consistent habit of mine. So I made the decision that I wanted to try to transition to surface pattern design.

Evalily Boutique was originally created in 2013. I started it not long after the birth of my daughter. The brand is actually named for her. Originally Evalily Boutique was an Etsy shop selling baby shower invitations. While the shop ended up closing in 2015 some of the designs still live on.

In 2022 I decided to resurrect the Evalily brand and try my hand at surface design.

You can find my designs on lots of printed products, such as stationary, gift wrap, fabric, wall art, home decor, t-shirts, bags, phone cases and much more. Head over to the Shop section to find the links to my online stores.

If you’re interested in working with me or licensing my designs you can visit my surface design portfolio website Evalily Designs.